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Last Chance

Through the dark depths of my mind

Awaiting in vain restitution of sanity,

Covered in a widespread sense of ennui,

Drenched with parochialism,

A thought waits to take its course,

Neither subliminal, nor delusional: –

That I would let go once and for all

And cut the roots of the heartless anguish

That has insinuated deep down into

The hapless woe-stricken despicable me!

Heave out the carcass, so much of them

Interspersed with my senses since time immemorial!

The lackadaisical days of resigning to my fate

And getting drenched in my misery:-

I shun it; oh I shun it once and for all!

Though it means that I might not survive: –

Though it means that a part of me would die: –

I fear not as I laugh at my predicament!

I might be numb, but I’m not dead!

Let there be

A few more stings of affliction in the abyss of hell!

Let there be

A few more drops of blood adding to my pain!

The hope of sunshine eclipses them all: –

This is my last chance before I’m gone!

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