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Dawn …


With slow edgy steps

The night retreats

From the mortal world,

The expanse of her darkness

Ebbing out

With a poignant calm;

Diminishing bit by bit

With every tick of the clock:-

As the deadpan stillness

Adorning the nocturnes

Turns out to be

An ephemeral phenomenon

Soon to be ended

By the serene avian chirps

Reverberating the horizon across

To herald the moment of truth …

The veiled lady

Blushing with innocence,

Breathing the light of life,

Emerges from the dark depths

Of her tainted predecessor

As she bestows,

With a divine sincerity,

Freshness to the morning air,

Fervency to the quiescent waters,

Energy to the soul of mankind,

Hope to countless hearts!

The start of another voyage;

Another spin of the wheel of life;

And once done,

With smooth eloquence,

She lifts her veil up

And amalgamates into her successor …

Her transient self

Mingled in daylight.

A new day has come …

A new day has come …


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The Rainbow!


The hours of wait was worth:-

As nature breathed out colors of change …

The western clouds were en route

To get dissolved in the

Azure firmament,

Slowly, gently

With a poignant calm,

Drawing with suave

The ending line to the storm filled moments!

As the majestic sun shone

With all its magnanimity:-

Only to herald

The color-dripping arch,

Embellished in its divine presence,

Curving its way to magnificence!

Like a stairway to heaven

It stood with its mystique

As if it was the bridge

To the ethereal creator

Resting up above;

As the serene spectrum

Like an angel flapping her supernal wings

Shimmered in the zephyr

Bathed in its ephemeral glory

Anointed with an audacious beauty!

And then

One last glimmer!

One last flaunt!

One last splurge of celestial ecstasy:-

Before it resigned itself to nature’s soul

Lost in eternity!



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The Gardener


She nursed it with her own hands

The garden attired with roses red

Dripping with the freshness she sowed

The freshness that defined her soul!

The lavenders and the rosemary-s

The chamomiles bathed in their divine yellow

And white, and the coneflower her favorite

With all the purple garnered in it …

She nurtured, she cared, o sweet mother

Taking care of her children

She shared a bond with them one of a kind …

She couldn’t just leave them behind:-

So there she lies with them all

Guarded by her delphinium

With the lilies watching over her,

She rests beneath the silent veneer

Of the garden of love she wove,

The heaven on earth she instilled!

Hallowed mother rests in peace,

As the drops of rain fondles

Her beloved flowers, blossoming with elan!

Her Hesperides garden, so beautiful!

She silently watches over them …

She silently watches with them …


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