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Memories of Farewell Songs

Memories of farewell songs

Pour down like gentle rain.

Wash off our sins and wrongs

And make us what we were again!


Be a bit more than frivolous nostalgia

Stuck in this vicissitude of life: –

We don’t have our visions clear

Gasping for breath in this hopeless strife!


Those days when we sang with no fear,

The iron resolves we wore as crowns-

Now like fallen kings in disarray so sheer,

We’re going down in leaps and bounds !


In the sea of broken glass

We stand bloodied to the core.

Doomed in the abyss of hell,

We’re so very far from shore.


And tears trickle down our eyes

As the songs hit our senses

The ones we sang while we bid goodbye

Hoping to make it big immense!


In the race to the pinnacle

We so lost our way!

What we set out to achieve

Never saw the light of the day!


And as we walk down the memory lane

We brush the dust from our suits so grey …

Still we raise a toast to our glory days again,

We live to fight another day!

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No matter how far we go

With so much hatred below

They pull us down, uncouth goons!

The parody of civilization looms.

At large, as we keep on waiting

For something good to happen, stinking

As it is the social apathy spreads

Like a mad wild disease.

Never have we witnessed

Our morality so hard pressed!

Humanity is a farce!

A rarity, frivolous and sparse

No we’re not standing up-

Hands are bound, mouths shut up.

We are buying dresses, eating burgers

As our society limps along the corners

Of a deadly abyss of hell

So black, no one can tell

The extent of its ruthlessness

As we pity on our helplessness.

Moral urge has gone down the drain,

Contented, we celebrate our impotence!

How did so badly we fare?

Didn’t anybody try, didn’t anybody care?

There should have been a burning agony

Gutting our rotten hearts, forcing us to try

But even the widespread sense of ennui

Has failed to stir us up as our children cry

Hurt by the social degeneration

So much of calumny, hate and pain;

They are like trash, like a bloody stain

Polluting the very essence

Of life and it’s indomitable spirit

That has kept us alive even if it’s just a bit.

Maybe the time has come to act:-

Break the shackles and react.

Let all that’s bad around be washed away.

Let our hearts be mighty again and may

The power in our soul obliterate

The social vices plaguing ourselves and rejuvenate

Us; A good life fraught with good deeds

Blessed with the ability to cater to simple needs

The ailing society will blossom again,

Harder and harder we’ll try, no it can’t go in vain!

Let peace swallow up all the hatred!

Let the moral corruption be eradicated!

With our fists pumping up as we stand

In this neck-deep muck of vile around,

We vow to make the world a better place;

Love and peace, humanity and solace;

We hope, we can and together we sure will-

Goodness to bestow, heaven to instill!


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The Stand …


They blinded us with overcooked sentiments,

Toying at will our fragile innocence!

Our ignorance acknowledged the shallow banal wisdom,

Adhering to those heavy words that breathe offence!


The messiahs were but the zealots of religious bigotry;

The wicked communal dastards!

Instigating hatred in the name of God,

Blind faith planted in us to rip us apart!


Violence perpetrated into bloody genocide:-

Brothers killed brothers, right in front of my eyes!

Blood gushed out of their bodies as in my arms they died!

My hurt body went numb, yet I cried and I cried!

In the coffin of humanity, I was the only soul alive,

Ravaged, devastated in the cursed land of unwise,

Infected with this wild disease, this despicable vice:-

The hell did come out of the paradise!



Renounce all the overcooked sentiments,

No more toying of fragile innocence!

Renounce all the shallow banal wisdom,

All those heavy words that breathe offence!


Renounce the zealots of religious bigotry:-

The wicked communal dastards!

Renounce the hatred in the name of God,

Blind faith shouldn’t let our moral goodness part!


No more violence, no more genocide:-

No more fights as the brothers unite.

No more bloodshed, no more hapless cries:-

Nursed by the endeavors benign

Curing the curse as together we harmonize

How else can we ever live and thrive?

Let us take the stand and with all our hearts try:-

Let the hell be no more in our paradise!


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