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The blinding light …

The piercing sound …

The crash and burn …

Oh ! the earth-shattering explosion!

Shaking up the essence

Of mankind and humanity

In one go, in one shot

As time stood still

Flabbergasted at the turn of things!

The bodies flew around,

Decimated with disdain!

Oh! They were like worthless muck

Gutted and annihilated in a wink of an eye!

Silence rubbed on the face

Of pain, the calumny of human race,

Dictated by sinned warmongers!

The murderers in cold blood

As a generation obliterated

Saplings hurled to permanent darkness!

The devastation so ruthless!

The destruction so widespread!

Countless succumbed, paralyzing

The emotion we call peace …

The wounded now weep,

Searching in silence, the fragrance

That once came out of the bodies

Of their dear ones as they get ravaged

Day in and day out

By the abhorrent nightmares

Of the blood oozing out of their loved ones’

Ruptured bodies, forever planted

In their cursed memories! 

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