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Nothing serious … Remembering a good guy

“Everything’s good” — these words remind me of a friend of mine. Someone who has never faced much adversities in his life, such has been God’s grace upon him and I hope it would remain like this for the rest of his life. Someone who sees goodness all around him and seems completely oblivious of all that’s bad around. Also he believes in those perfect love stories where the hero meets the heroine and they fall in love and end up living happily ever after. Although it sounds so cheesy and hopelessly romantic but that is how he is.I make so fun of him in front but deep down inside I cannot but wonder how much can he survive in this real world. If he gets heartbroken then how the hell would he react to it. I get scared. However when he actually landed up in love he suddenly started showing great interest and liking to my poetry. And the following lines which I had penned down years ago caught his attention and the romantic hero in him took control. “I will get down on my knees and recite these words in the most romantic way possible on her b’day”, he told me! No surprises, dude, as far as you are concerned!

When the morning shows its magnificence

And you fail to realise your true essence

Look deep into the inner self of yours

My love you’ll find there for sure.

The strength that’s there in very few,

The benevolence that defines the goodness in you;

And if you wonder all of this came from whom-

It is the one who rescued you from the world of doom.

Someone who genuinely believes in you-

Someone who’ll look into your eye and say – I love you!

“You should have scribbled down something yourself” I said.

“Doesn’t matter as long as the words you are speaking is true” … On hearing this I shook my head and did not take the conversation forward.

I attended their marriage earlier this year in case you’re wondering what happened after that.

I love him, I do but at times I hate his romanticism, his ignorance regarding all the violence hatred and injustice that’s happening around.His words that I’m fine when I am neck-deep in muck. The world’s not a heaven, my heart cries out and forces me to tell him the same right on his face. “You’ve been lucky. Nice parents, good life, good girlfriend, picture perfect career!”. I wonder how can all good things happen to him, how can he be bestowed with so much good fortune!”  But then I could never deny the fact that good things happen to good people if you believe! Maybe he has not yet seen the worst but then he is the one who will come out in flying colors out of the adverse situation once he faces it. For he believes in the goodness that lies around him … Maybe that is the secret after all.

And you are who you are and that’s why I look up to you,

No matter how much I hate to admit but I want to be like you

You are one of a kind, like you there are very few

Mr. Romantic, your positivity defines the goodness in you

But then the poem you recited … it was mine you *****! It was mine! (As if you denied that 😛 )


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