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The Gardener


She nursed it with her own hands

The garden attired with roses red

Dripping with the freshness she sowed

The freshness that defined her soul!

The lavenders and the rosemary-s

The chamomiles bathed in their divine yellow

And white, and the coneflower her favorite

With all the purple garnered in it …

She nurtured, she cared, o sweet mother

Taking care of her children

She shared a bond with them one of a kind …

She couldn’t just leave them behind:-

So there she lies with them all

Guarded by her delphinium

With the lilies watching over her,

She rests beneath the silent veneer

Of the garden of love she wove,

The heaven on earth she instilled!

Hallowed mother rests in peace,

As the drops of rain fondles

Her beloved flowers, blossoming with elan!

Her Hesperides garden, so beautiful!

She silently watches over them …

She silently watches with them …


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