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Touched …

Well .. all that I can say is that I’m really touched by this gesture. Heartfelt thanks to Debaroon (http://mylores.wordpress.com)  for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award



I am just a newbie here on WordPress and it feels great to be appreciated. Have been writing from sometime, but never came out in open with it … Don’t know why, but poetry was always like a secret hobby.

I am not nominating a single person, but I hereby nominate everybody who has poured their hearts out and has written such wonderful stuffs that I come across every single day. Most of the blogs are so good, that I am in awe thinking that this world has so much talent… really!

Guys … keep blogging … we shall write our way to glory 🙂




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Reality or Pessimism? … or maybe just a Simple Realization!

There are times when I close my eyes and think

Feels like I’m staring at my shadow without a blink.

Lost in its emptiness profound

As in my fears I get drowned!

All the thoughts that plague my inner self-

What have I done with my life … oh please tell!

Did I dare to dream or did my feet tremble

Or was I wrapped in my own world like a frog in the well!

Unaware of the truth that drives the world.

The truth that brave-hearts in their lives unfurl.

The truth that’s evergreen like a drop of dew:-

The one that says – chase your dreams till they come true!


In this life that never seemed to be of any good!

The violence that ravaged my dear childhood.

Setbacks were too many to stand on my two feet.

An agonizing lot I did try, I really did.

Nothing is good enough when the glory seems light years away!

The silent routine of trying hard and waiting for my day.

And as failure decayed the hopes of rejuvenation

The mind played games over this hopeless situation

Weakening me to the core as I fell on my face

Am I a loser, a no-good, a disgrace?

It was that moment when I couldn’t but rue

No matter how much you chase, some dreams don’t come true!


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