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Unrequited … Ill-fated …

I walked a thousand miles

In sombre solitude

To reach the very core of your heart

As close as my conflicted mind could allow!


I poured a thousand gazes

At your gorgeous self

To drink in your audacious beauty

As much as your sensitivity could bestow!


I thought a thousand times

Just to be sure

My poor and wretched soul

Was in love with a princess, beautiful!


I wrote a thousand letters

Only to tear them up

As it seemed a story too good to be true

But eventually I found the courage to do the inevitable!


I knew I was late when I saw you:-

As you held his hand;

Unaware you walked past me as you beamed

And I stood there helpless and forlorn!


I uttered a thousand prayers

As I wished you happiness

While I got drowned in sadness

And away you went; then … you were gone!


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Scribbles of a Teenage Heart … The Wish!

I wonder

What would have happened:-

If we got a pound of wisdom

Delivered to our doorstep

Every single day,

That would be a part of

The daily meal

We would have had …

Without spectacle

Without a bother

And pour it into us

Just like smashed potatoes …

Would all of us be wise today?


I wonder

What would have happened:-

If humanity was a river

Flowing across the lane

With a perpetual flow:-

One dip everyday

In the waters

Anytime by

Brothers from all religion,

Cast or creed,

Color or orientation,

Would all of us be human today?


Baseless as it may sound,

Insignificant and frivolous,

I know that all of them

Are unbelievably preposterous,

But in this world lacking

Wisdom and humanity,

With an overdose of hate and pain

In times of such of calamity

A wish sprouts out

From the depths of my heart:-

Let these dreams come true

Before the goodness parts

From all of us alive

Even if they’re just for a day

Would the world be a better place then?

Dear God, what do you say? 


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Emotions … too much or too less?? …

Take away all that you feel is right.

I am like the silent stone at the end of the lane!

Say all that your insides crave to say:-

I have lost the track of time God knows since when …

You are right as you always are,

Break the shackles let the teardrops rain;

Throw me a thousand shards:-

Stupefied and numb, I want to feel human again …


And I couldn’t but reflect:-

That there were so many of them, chained with disdain

Agonizingly merciless complicated situations,

I could care less and so you would:-

They proved more than just frivolous insinuations,

Of a pandemonium of life, like a mess,

That eventually ripped me off my sensations!

 Was I blind to all your tears, your countless fears?

Or was I a black hole when it came to emotional manifestations?


Standing neck-deep into the abyss of hell,

Tried have I not, to sort out, to fight!

I reached out for your hand with all my heart

Only to realize that you were no longer by my side!

Did you feel the same about me, oh you must have!

As we gained distance with each and every stride –

The melodrama, the freak shows radically increased,

As every day and every moment, a part of us died!


Now it’s all cold, now it’s all done and dusted …

There’s nothing left inside …

Our signs proclaim our separation via

A piece of paper – the blood-stained bonafide!

Still this one last time that our paths have crossed,

But like mutes inarticulate, I stand speechless as I guide

My stares wayward, my face drenched with fake camaraderie ….

I don’t feel a thing, up did the emotions dry!


But then why does my heart scream:- 

Take away all that you feel is right.

I am like the silent stone at the end of the lane!

Say all that your insides crave to say:-

I have lost the track of time God knows since when …

You are right as you always are,

Break the shackles let the teardrops rain;

Throw me a thousand shards:-

Stupefied and numb, I want to feel human again …


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Dawn …


With slow edgy steps

The night retreats

From the mortal world,

The expanse of her darkness

Ebbing out

With a poignant calm;

Diminishing bit by bit

With every tick of the clock:-

As the deadpan stillness

Adorning the nocturnes

Turns out to be

An ephemeral phenomenon

Soon to be ended

By the serene avian chirps

Reverberating the horizon across

To herald the moment of truth …

The veiled lady

Blushing with innocence,

Breathing the light of life,

Emerges from the dark depths

Of her tainted predecessor

As she bestows,

With a divine sincerity,

Freshness to the morning air,

Fervency to the quiescent waters,

Energy to the soul of mankind,

Hope to countless hearts!

The start of another voyage;

Another spin of the wheel of life;

And once done,

With smooth eloquence,

She lifts her veil up

And amalgamates into her successor …

Her transient self

Mingled in daylight.

A new day has come …

A new day has come …


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A Lone Loon Prattles …..

I am walking down the road.

It’s just another day.

There’s a zephyr blowing.

I am so lost in the fray

With my mind that has gone astray!


Adversities have taken their toll

On my life as there have been

So many I have lost the count.

Oh! I would have loved to win:-

The battles lost, so brutal, so devastating!


I was looking here and there

Searching for that very place

Where amidst every other pain

I had found solace.

But now I somehow fail to trace.


They say go on and keep trying.

But happiness passes in a wink of an eye!

How much ever I hold back,

How much ever I try,

It eludes me and bids me good bye!


I see the same angel in my dream.

She promises to teach me first

That magic trick which would erase

Memories of my wretched past-

I wake up to realize that the dream didn’t last!


I look at my shadow, obeying my every move.

Realize that the light of life hasn’t fainted yet.

I have to pick myself up.

All that I deserve I have to get.

Enough of the lonely tears that I’ve shed!


If only I could get blessed,

With friendship and love around;

With a tiny help I can breathe,

The sweet smell of joy profound;

Oh How I wish to turn things around!


Knocked on the doors to no avail;

Tried hard to gel in;

I want you but oh you don’t?

It’s the same story all over again!

I did try so hard, but in vain!


And somewhere along the lane

Again I found myself all alone.

Bewildered by the fake smiles around-

Lost amidst the ocean of unknown!

Ah! The silent walk back to oblivion!


Drenched of all the emotions,

The black-hole heart of mine;

Eat drink work and sleep.

A meticulous routine one of a kind;

A senseless body trudges with a helpless mind!


I am still walking down the road.

It’s just another day.

There’s a zephyr blowing.

I am so lost in the fray

With my mind that has gone astray!

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No matter how far we go

With so much hatred below

They pull us down, uncouth goons!

The parody of civilization looms.

At large, as we keep on waiting

For something good to happen, stinking

As it is the social apathy spreads

Like a mad wild disease.

Never have we witnessed

Our morality so hard pressed!

Humanity is a farce!

A rarity, frivolous and sparse

No we’re not standing up-

Hands are bound, mouths shut up.

We are buying dresses, eating burgers

As our society limps along the corners

Of a deadly abyss of hell

So black, no one can tell

The extent of its ruthlessness

As we pity on our helplessness.

Moral urge has gone down the drain,

Contented, we celebrate our impotence!

How did so badly we fare?

Didn’t anybody try, didn’t anybody care?

There should have been a burning agony

Gutting our rotten hearts, forcing us to try

But even the widespread sense of ennui

Has failed to stir us up as our children cry

Hurt by the social degeneration

So much of calumny, hate and pain;

They are like trash, like a bloody stain

Polluting the very essence

Of life and it’s indomitable spirit

That has kept us alive even if it’s just a bit.

Maybe the time has come to act:-

Break the shackles and react.

Let all that’s bad around be washed away.

Let our hearts be mighty again and may

The power in our soul obliterate

The social vices plaguing ourselves and rejuvenate

Us; A good life fraught with good deeds

Blessed with the ability to cater to simple needs

The ailing society will blossom again,

Harder and harder we’ll try, no it can’t go in vain!

Let peace swallow up all the hatred!

Let the moral corruption be eradicated!

With our fists pumping up as we stand

In this neck-deep muck of vile around,

We vow to make the world a better place;

Love and peace, humanity and solace;

We hope, we can and together we sure will-

Goodness to bestow, heaven to instill!


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There have been golden days, so beautiful

We had held hands and walked the miles

Together …


There have been raging storms, merciless

We have stemmed the flow of water, stopped it from gushing in

Together …


Oh those moments of serenity,

Wrapped around our conjoined hearts as we trudged along

Together …


Time ticked on with a vicious speed

And now that I am shriveled with this disease:-

Cannot help but I am aged

As I read through the final page!

Am I wrong for not wanting you with me in this?

You can shout but I am not that selfish!

Your tears make me bleed but together no more

As the raging waters splash across the shores,

In search of solace I look right in your eyes,

And that makes it so hard to say goodbye!

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The Beggar

A shapeless grubby bowl,

Picked up from the garbage,

Is the sole companion

Of his slovenly soul

Discarded by the goodness

That defines humankind,

Along with the tattered remains

Of fabric wrapped around

His filthy cold body,

Aged, crippled!

Haplessly he stares:-

Every moment of his bloody existence,

In severe expectation

At every pedestrian

Who passes by

Awaiting that glorious instant

When a coin would be flung

At his despicable self

Staggering in woe

At despair’s behest!

And at days’ end-

When he can barely manage

To satisfy his

Insatiable hunger …

He looks up at the sky

With tear soaked eyes!

And he begs for his salvation!

To be at peace forever

Renouncing this curse of a life,

Wretched and deplorable:-

He closes his eyes

Hoping not for a better but for

No tomorrow,

Only to wake up

At the sound of the honking horns

And the raging glares of the summer sun!

His fight for survival begins;

The inevitable life takes its course;

How much more can he endure …

Inconsequential, as right there

The beggar begs on

The corner of the road,

Lost and forlorn,

All day long!

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Lost in my melancholy world

I write again with a poignant endeavor…

These haphazard words of rhythm

Are but weird enticing metaphors

Portraying the raging pandemonium

Inside my mind, inside my heart:-

Engulfing with competence my sanity

As a monument of ambiguity I stand to part

My ephemeral happiness

With its audacious momentary glory,

I cogitate its reality and the poet in me

Weaves the words into a story,

Gibberish to the world approprié!

A hopeless rant to all those

Super perfect human beings

Renouncing the outburst I chose!

Surprised, I suddenly realize:-

The key to my deliverance lies here!

Pouring out my emotions through scribbles

As the crisis in my head nears,

For a final showdown in the world of bedlam:-

I write to save myself, the only hope

In this fettering world of negativity;

The nectar that’s keeping me alive, my precious, my antidote!


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Poignant Reality

With troubled waters I’m bathed in my reality.

Solace is far-away, far beyond my sanity.

Hurt was before, now they’ve gone numb.

Some wounds don’t heal, to them you succumb.


They say we’ve equal shares of joy and grief –

Sometimes back, even I had this belief!

In liar’s paradise truth is a farce!

In mine, happiness’ an illusion, life’s a curse.


All set to go over to the other side –

I feel I’m the silent hum before the tide,

Tormented and tortured but not yet freed –

Waiting for the end, is that what I need?


Heavenly pleasures are supposedly awaiting me.

But the night before the morning seems like eternity.

Loneliness has become the mother of all adversities.

I am His hapless child, bereft of all the niceties.


Trying to gauge that there’s still a heartbeat!

Trapped in this body decaying bit by bit;

No wonder hope has escaped through the back door.

How much can one take, how much more?


All the love and happiness filling up life’s kit,

All the pleasures and luxuries garnered in it,

I’m sure, they’re all down there locked somewhere –

Search, if you may, for me, the key’s not there!


I laugh at my predicament, how dare I?

If only I had been a bird, I would fly –

Away from all the misery and helplessness

So far away that even He cannot trace.


So I bleed and I cry in my wait for salvation.

To be at peace, oh how much I crave, the sweet sensation

That has eluded me, despicable me, time and again

As I hold my breath for the final walk down the lane.


P.S. – Chalked out from the grim words of someone close to me during his final days before leukemia got the better of him …. 15 years now … but I still can’tforget those words … RIP brother!


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