Right in one

Dark solitary corner of my mind,

Dwells a lot of emotions.

Subdued, subliminal;

Unwanted, unreal;

Have never quite got a hang of them.

Have never quite understood their depths.

As I continue my quest.


Emotions, a plethora of them,

Poured out of the predicament

That defines the core of my life,

Marching out like a rebellion,

Picketing in defiance against my inner self,

As I stand bereft of all the reasons

To justify my own sanity!

How hopeless! How sad!


Emotions spewing out unabashedly

From dismal sleepless nights

When the insomniac in me

Rages havoc with sincere brutality

Only to take refuge

In the clutches of the restless dreams,

Gnawing away my slumber,

My only accord with peace!


Emotions born out of exasperations,

When I canโ€™t understand

The world around me!

The people around me!

Their insinuations, their expectations

Overburdened with which my feet tremble: –

Iโ€™m no brave-heart though I fake to be one!

I wear my mask!


So they keep on thrashing against my senses,

Waves of my emotional exuberance!

Wanting to be recognized,

But unheeded and unheard!

Craving for an identity, but identity-deprived!

I know not how to handle them, they choke me

Relentlessly as I drown on the inside,

Invisible to the rest of the world!


Filed under Poetry, Random

7 responses to “Emotions

  1. Youโ€™ve been nominated for the Liebster award! I want to show recognition for your writing and build an awesome blogging community.

    Check out my post to see how you can pass it on!


  2. I have read few pieces by you, it’s ecstatic. I am happy to have come across your blog. Your poems have so much depth and meaning in them. Words are enough to enliven all the emotions, some buried by us and some buried in your poem. ๐Ÿ™‚

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