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Poignant Reality

With troubled waters I’m bathed in my reality.

Solace is far-away, far beyond my sanity.

Hurt was before, now they’ve gone numb.

Some wounds don’t heal, to them you succumb.


They say we’ve equal shares of joy and grief –

Sometimes back, even I had this belief!

In liar’s paradise truth is a farce!

In mine, happiness’ an illusion, life’s a curse.


All set to go over to the other side –

I feel I’m the silent hum before the tide,

Tormented and tortured but not yet freed –

Waiting for the end, is that what I need?


Heavenly pleasures are supposedly awaiting me.

But the night before the morning seems like eternity.

Loneliness has become the mother of all adversities.

I am His hapless child, bereft of all the niceties.


Trying to gauge that there’s still a heartbeat!

Trapped in this body decaying bit by bit;

No wonder hope has escaped through the back door.

How much can one take, how much more?


All the love and happiness filling up life’s kit,

All the pleasures and luxuries garnered in it,

I’m sure, they’re all down there locked somewhere –

Search, if you may, for me, the key’s not there!


I laugh at my predicament, how dare I?

If only I had been a bird, I would fly –

Away from all the misery and helplessness

So far away that even He cannot trace.


So I bleed and I cry in my wait for salvation.

To be at peace, oh how much I crave, the sweet sensation

That has eluded me, despicable me, time and again

As I hold my breath for the final walk down the lane.


P.S. – Chalked out from the grim words of someone close to me during his final days before leukemia got the better of him …. 15 years now … but I still can’tforget those words … RIP brother!


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Oh Childhood!

That unabashed exuberance!

The eloquent zest that blossomed out of my soul:-

Bathed in the ecstasy unknown,

The frolicking fun-loving gambol!

Yes it was me, oh yes! Oh yes!

Years and years ago

The pure and divine childhood,

The innocence in eternity stowed …

Even a bit of it left no more!


Dozing off to the favorite lullaby-

Oh it’s a vague memory echoing inside!

The crayons and the coloring books are

Somewhere in the attic, dust-eaten bonafide

Authenticating my years of enfance!

Chasing butterflies in the garden

Running around without an iota of tension

That knocks around every now and then

As I look back to the days of innocence!


Memories of my childhood

You’re the ode to my deliverance!

As age eats away my youth,

The reminiscences indulge in sweet offence:-

Happiness and sadness come conjoined,

I reflect, I smile and I cry in solitude!

No more neighborhoods to intrude:-

No more childlike divinity to exude:-

As I stand neck-deep into adulthood!


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The Rainbow!


The hours of wait was worth:-

As nature breathed out colors of change …

The western clouds were en route

To get dissolved in the

Azure firmament,

Slowly, gently

With a poignant calm,

Drawing with suave

The ending line to the storm filled moments!

As the majestic sun shone

With all its magnanimity:-

Only to herald

The color-dripping arch,

Embellished in its divine presence,

Curving its way to magnificence!

Like a stairway to heaven

It stood with its mystique

As if it was the bridge

To the ethereal creator

Resting up above;

As the serene spectrum

Like an angel flapping her supernal wings

Shimmered in the zephyr

Bathed in its ephemeral glory

Anointed with an audacious beauty!

And then

One last glimmer!

One last flaunt!

One last splurge of celestial ecstasy:-

Before it resigned itself to nature’s soul

Lost in eternity!



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Scribbles of a Teenage Heart : The Prayer!

Silently for you, I prayer,

Straight from my heart my dear;

Wish your health is always fine

Wish you remain forever mine.

Let all that are bad around

May never touch your soul and profound

Is your joy, when, in my arms, I

Take you and may you bid good-bye

To all the sadness and pain,

That has tried to kill you, but in vain,

And as a new day dawns,

Alienating all the discontentment and frowns,

Let us together, you and I, embellish,

Our lives with one another’s bliss;

Along with pure thoughts and noble deeds

That this ailing humanity badly need.

In excruciating pain or joys galore-

Let us live a life to die for!


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The Stand …


They blinded us with overcooked sentiments,

Toying at will our fragile innocence!

Our ignorance acknowledged the shallow banal wisdom,

Adhering to those heavy words that breathe offence!


The messiahs were but the zealots of religious bigotry;

The wicked communal dastards!

Instigating hatred in the name of God,

Blind faith planted in us to rip us apart!


Violence perpetrated into bloody genocide:-

Brothers killed brothers, right in front of my eyes!

Blood gushed out of their bodies as in my arms they died!

My hurt body went numb, yet I cried and I cried!

In the coffin of humanity, I was the only soul alive,

Ravaged, devastated in the cursed land of unwise,

Infected with this wild disease, this despicable vice:-

The hell did come out of the paradise!



Renounce all the overcooked sentiments,

No more toying of fragile innocence!

Renounce all the shallow banal wisdom,

All those heavy words that breathe offence!


Renounce the zealots of religious bigotry:-

The wicked communal dastards!

Renounce the hatred in the name of God,

Blind faith shouldn’t let our moral goodness part!


No more violence, no more genocide:-

No more fights as the brothers unite.

No more bloodshed, no more hapless cries:-

Nursed by the endeavors benign

Curing the curse as together we harmonize

How else can we ever live and thrive?

Let us take the stand and with all our hearts try:-

Let the hell be no more in our paradise!


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The Conscience Call!

All you social captives and hyper-actives,

Imprisoned by your routines and moral obligations,

Dazzled by the illusion of success,

Compelled to embark on the journey of money-making

As you scamper through the dashboard of life;

The civilized androids with a human heart …

The frenzied puppets in the rat race to the pinnacle,

Impetuous yet emotionless, suave yet curt:-

Please stop for a moment’s indulgence

And admire the beauty of this life!

The precious gift that you’ve been bestowed

To walk on this planet, alive and breathing!

Utter a vote of thanks to the ethereal master

And brush aside the conceit and the vanity

That instigates the megalomaniac in you

Greed to have more, so hopelessly rooted in you!

Close your eyes and feel the rhythm of life!

Sing and jive, live a moment without hassle and strife!

There’s a myriad of love around.

That can embellish your life and surround

You with solace and peace that you miss so much

As you perfect the feat of actuating your robotic life!


As time impels itself with a vicious speed,

This is the pledge that is rising from your soul!

This is your much needed conscience call!


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