Scribbles of a Teenage Heart : The Promise!

Dear sadness, do listen to me

Please stop this killing spree!

Put a lid to your murderous rage!

Stop this fight that you’ve engaged

With my aggrieved soul, countless

Efforts with my mind to mess

At times when they meet success

Cut me up and leave me distressed!

What can I do to stop this fray?

What can I do to make you go astray?

Should I stand up and look into your eyes?

As a part of me bids goodbye

Ravaged by your vengeance

And you fetter me on your way to resurgence,

Weakening me to the core

And you win again as you roar!

But this cannot happen anymore;

I bleed as I await your exterminator:-

Happiness, oh! that profound emotion!

The heart-stirring sweet sensation!

Drowning you in the sea of love;

Something my heart is badly in need of.

But before that I’ll fight to the end you know,

Trust me you’ll not be able to get through,

No matter how many stones at me you throw,

I will hang on with all my heart for sure!

This is my promise to you:-

And you can bet it’ll come true!


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4 responses to “Scribbles of a Teenage Heart : The Promise!

  1. here is an award for you for writing the simple sincere feelings of heart.

  2. Enjoyed the letter style of writing in poetry. Something I have noticed other poets do when they write this style is sign off with a witty name at the bottom too (sort of to conclude the poem). e.g. “Yours sincerely, Optimism” (sorry couldn’t think of anything better, sure you could). I personally think it would finish off this “letter” well. Splitting the poem into stanzas/paragraphs I think would also assist with the reading of the poem. The themes and questions of the poem are very strong and you do a good job of relating them across to the reader. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for your comments … I wanted to portray the eloquent outburst of feelings of a teenager matured up under the circumstances … Hence used simple words and no stanzas … But yes a sign off would have been a good way to finish off this ‘letter’ … Thanks again … I always wanted comments from a genuine critic, someone who understands poetry, to tell the pluses and minuses of a post, rather than just showering praises … Really appreciate that you could find time to do that!
      I will look forward to your comments my friend.

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