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The Gibberish … (is it?)

The crimson eyes flickered like a warning siren

An ill omen, the menacing eyes of fate

Before my senses had the power to react

The glare died away, and I felt betrayed

Of the reality and the rationality

I was so proud of, the procrastination

Of my wisdom and my sanity

As I failed to realise what was going on

And it was dark again in the abyss of emptiness.

I was silent as my heart skipped a beat

Drenched in cold sweat I was scared!

I could sense the evil around me

Surreptitious and merciless,

Waiting to pounce upon the prey

As it lurked ominously in the binge!

The silence hurt me, I perspired like a pig,

It was the silence before the storm, before the wild rampage.

I prayed and I prayed and I prayed

As I was a prisoner at despair’s behest

Nothing seemed real, a mystifying mayhem

Bewilderment merged with incomprehensible fear:-

I don’t want to die; I don’t want to get hurt;

Alas! I was but in a fight with myself!

My inner self full of negativity and velleity

That had held me back, as I hopelessly rued:-

I was but blind, as my fears overpowered me

Like a filthy old demon ravaging

The innocence of a sweet little kid!

The abyss was my ignorance;

The darkness came from within;

I was the frog in the well!

I was the creator of the hell!

And as I gaze up now, a steep climb

Awaits me en route to my fight for my existence

Killing the fear, the crimson eyed monster

Tearing apart the despicable me from me

Will undoubtedly be something not easy!

Showering the darkness with light

Rejuvenation is on the cards,

But then I am bound by time!


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Surprised … Touched … & Inspired to write even more!!!

It has been a little more than 3 months for me here on WordPress. Growing up, I have always been very secretive about my writing, never came out in the open with this hobby of mine. Maybe because of the people around me, maybe because of the lack of self-confidence in me, or maybe I was too indolent, don’t know why. It’s just that one fine day I was going through an article here on WordPress, when I thought even I could share things that I write, few haphazard lines of rhythm and rhyme. Who knows, maybe there is more to these scribbles than my underestimating heart can fathom.

“The Most Versatile Blogger” nomination some days back was great. Now, to be nominated as “The Most Inspiring Blogger Award”, it means a lot a lot to me than it meets the eye. Sincerely, it does that too coming from someone whose blog has simply been a real source of inspiration for me…Soumya. My heartfelt thanks to you, Soumya ( and ); really appreciate your gesture!

Let me state the rules


1. Create a post and reveal 7 things about yourself.

2. Post the blog award on your site, indicate who nominated you.

3. Present the award to up to 15 bloggers that inspire you and include links to their blogs in your post.

As per the rules, here are 7 things about myself:-

  1. Let me start with my name first. I am Souvik.
  2. I am an enterprise resource planning consultant. My expertise lies primarily in finance and order management.
  3. I can’t survive without MUSIC; it’s one of the most important ingredients of my life!
  4. I love reading as well, though unable to find time of late.
  5. I am very simple, straightforward but little moody at times.
  6. I am a good judge of people from a distance, but this quality of mine goes astray once the same people come close to me.
  7. At times I am a very prolific writer and then there are times when nothing comes out. This accounts for sudden time gaps in my blog.

There is an agonizing number of good bloggers who keep on mesmerizing me and inspiring me.

If I can name a few of them, here they are:-


And, of course …


You all are nominated and each one of you deserves it to the fullest!

That’s all from now. Keep blogging and keep re-discovering yourselves like I have!


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Scribbles of a Teenage Heart : The Promise!

Dear sadness, do listen to me

Please stop this killing spree!

Put a lid to your murderous rage!

Stop this fight that you’ve engaged

With my aggrieved soul, countless

Efforts with my mind to mess

At times when they meet success

Cut me up and leave me distressed!

What can I do to stop this fray?

What can I do to make you go astray?

Should I stand up and look into your eyes?

As a part of me bids goodbye

Ravaged by your vengeance

And you fetter me on your way to resurgence,

Weakening me to the core

And you win again as you roar!

But this cannot happen anymore;

I bleed as I await your exterminator:-

Happiness, oh! that profound emotion!

The heart-stirring sweet sensation!

Drowning you in the sea of love;

Something my heart is badly in need of.

But before that I’ll fight to the end you know,

Trust me you’ll not be able to get through,

No matter how many stones at me you throw,

I will hang on with all my heart for sure!

This is my promise to you:-

And you can bet it’ll come true!


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The Brooding Magpie …

Money can’t really buy         Joy and happiness as I

Stand amid the riches galore         With your face in my eyes …

And I don’t know why         Your thoughts make me cry,

I feel helpless but         To smile I indeed try …


Ignore me and no! I’m not high!

I am just a brooding old magpie!

I am just a griever with hapless silent sighs!


I failed to realize         You were the one in disguise,

In my pursuit to fill my purse       I let you go; I am the darned unwise!

And no words can ever suffice       As every moment a part of me dies;

The loss that I incurred …         I did pay the heavy price …


Ignore me, oh! you want to know why?

I am just a brooding old magpie!

I am just a griever with hapless silent sighs!

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The blinding light …

The piercing sound …

The crash and burn …

Oh ! the earth-shattering explosion!

Shaking up the essence

Of mankind and humanity

In one go, in one shot

As time stood still

Flabbergasted at the turn of things!

The bodies flew around,

Decimated with disdain!

Oh! They were like worthless muck

Gutted and annihilated in a wink of an eye!

Silence rubbed on the face

Of pain, the calumny of human race,

Dictated by sinned warmongers!

The murderers in cold blood

As a generation obliterated

Saplings hurled to permanent darkness!

The devastation so ruthless!

The destruction so widespread!

Countless succumbed, paralyzing

The emotion we call peace …

The wounded now weep,

Searching in silence, the fragrance

That once came out of the bodies

Of their dear ones as they get ravaged

Day in and day out

By the abhorrent nightmares

Of the blood oozing out of their loved ones’

Ruptured bodies, forever planted

In their cursed memories! 

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If Only …

If only I could tell you

How much I have lost!

If only I could tell you

What has been the dear cost

Of all the battles that I’ve fought

As I stand alone bereft

Of all the niceties that had once defined me:-

Would you take me for real?


If only I could tell you

The joy I feel when you’re near!

If only I could tell you

How much I hold you dear!

Words cannot define my feelings

That I have for you so sheer

The love bursting out of my fragile senses:-

Would you let me in just for once?


Alas! I cannot express and I don’t know why …

With all my earnest endeavors, I try and I try …

Cut me open and I bet you shall see:-

The one who loves you, the real me!

Give me your love, sweetheart, let it rain,

As I make my way to the final walk down the lane …


If only I could tell you

That I’m there only for few days;

If only I could tell you

The hole in my heart has got me swayed;

No matter how much money I pay

It can’t get fixed as I wait for the obvious …

Would you take me to your arms and kiss me once?


If only I could tell you

That every moment I crave to be with you!

If only I could tell you

My love’s as pure as a nascent drop of dew!

I want to share with you my deepest darkest fears;

I want to share with you my struggles through the years;

Life is short and I laugh at my predicament:-

Would you be by my side and let me live again?


Alas! I cannot express and I don’t know why …

With all my earnest endeavors, I try and I try …

Cut me open and I bet you shall see:-

The one who loves you, the real me!

Give me your love, sweetheart, let it rain,

As I make my way to the final walk down the lane …


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The Gardener


She nursed it with her own hands

The garden attired with roses red

Dripping with the freshness she sowed

The freshness that defined her soul!

The lavenders and the rosemary-s

The chamomiles bathed in their divine yellow

And white, and the coneflower her favorite

With all the purple garnered in it …

She nurtured, she cared, o sweet mother

Taking care of her children

She shared a bond with them one of a kind …

She couldn’t just leave them behind:-

So there she lies with them all

Guarded by her delphinium

With the lilies watching over her,

She rests beneath the silent veneer

Of the garden of love she wove,

The heaven on earth she instilled!

Hallowed mother rests in peace,

As the drops of rain fondles

Her beloved flowers, blossoming with elan!

Her Hesperides garden, so beautiful!

She silently watches over them …

She silently watches with them …


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The Gesture …

I try, I try and I keep on trying …

The words get stuck in my mouth!

Wish I could gather myself

And let it all out …


All out in one go.

Shed this burden off my chest.

It’s killing me softly from inside:-

I’m captive at despair’s behest!


That I’m sorry, I really am,

No, not a cliche, neither a hopeless rant!

I regret from my heart’s core the day

When I let go of your hand!


But I couldn’t tell you that all awhile;

I am but a captive of my obnoxious pride.

The evil egoist messes my mind:-

Alas, I couldn’t but take the stride!


To tell you that it was my fault!

Distraction got me swayed!

You wanted to build a house

And I brought it down before it was made!


Bathed in my chauvinism

I was hopeless as you cried;

I couldn’t fathom that with

Every teardrop a part of you died …


I do now and I curse myself

As I helplessly stand alone

Wish you could take me back

But then you’ve already moved on …


I know it’s too late and you care less

But still I want to look into your eyes

And let go of my emotions as I

Hold your hand and apologize!


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Touched …

Well .. all that I can say is that I’m really touched by this gesture. Heartfelt thanks to Debaroon (  for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award



I am just a newbie here on WordPress and it feels great to be appreciated. Have been writing from sometime, but never came out in open with it … Don’t know why, but poetry was always like a secret hobby.

I am not nominating a single person, but I hereby nominate everybody who has poured their hearts out and has written such wonderful stuffs that I come across every single day. Most of the blogs are so good, that I am in awe thinking that this world has so much talent… really!

Guys … keep blogging … we shall write our way to glory 🙂




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Death of an Alcoholic …

The right never seemed right

For I was never sober;

I swaggered on in my life in splurge,

I was in fifth gear!

The pomp and the splendor

Was actually pandemonium:-

But little did I understand,

Inebriated, I was self-damned

Boozing my way to the morning again

Red and black tarnishing my eyes,

The alcohol sucked my life’s breath

More than I could ever surmise!

And I thought I was celebrating life

Dismissing the hurt and the pain with glee

As I drank to my ignorance

Bathed in my sordid moral apathy!

The ethanolic smog grasped my soul!

Being giddy gave me solace!

Drenched in vile intoxication

I was the ignominy on the face of grace!

And that was the moment I collapsed

I was cold and the world was quiet.

A sated heart or a disgusted subconscious

Or both of them engrossed in a fight-

Immaterial, as the malevolent alcohol

Fulfilled its destiny, accomplished its role:-

I had already drank my way to false glory

No more was in store for the savaged soul!

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