Reality or Pessimism? … or maybe just a Simple Realization!

There are times when I close my eyes and think

Feels like I’m staring at my shadow without a blink.

Lost in its emptiness profound

As in my fears I get drowned!

All the thoughts that plague my inner self-

What have I done with my life … oh please tell!

Did I dare to dream or did my feet tremble

Or was I wrapped in my own world like a frog in the well!

Unaware of the truth that drives the world.

The truth that brave-hearts in their lives unfurl.

The truth that’s evergreen like a drop of dew:-

The one that says – chase your dreams till they come true!


In this life that never seemed to be of any good!

The violence that ravaged my dear childhood.

Setbacks were too many to stand on my two feet.

An agonizing lot I did try, I really did.

Nothing is good enough when the glory seems light years away!

The silent routine of trying hard and waiting for my day.

And as failure decayed the hopes of rejuvenation

The mind played games over this hopeless situation

Weakening me to the core as I fell on my face

Am I a loser, a no-good, a disgrace?

It was that moment when I couldn’t but rue

No matter how much you chase, some dreams don’t come true!


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14 responses to “Reality or Pessimism? … or maybe just a Simple Realization!

  1. loved dis one! nyc way to celebrate republic day .. seek thy answer!

  2. intense expressions..sometimes to walk again we have to forget the past and get up…

  3. Some dreams my precious dont come true because they don’t belong to you. The belong to someone else. The only dreams that will come true for you will be your very own. Think about your dreams and ask yourself where do they come from? Are they the dreams planted in your mind by a world in love with Hollywood drama or dreams super imposed upon you by parents, grand parents, friends, other peers. Are they the dreams someone else dreamt that brought the happiness and you subconciously think if this is your dream as well, you will find that same happiness? Think about your dreams my friend. Because every dream that truly comes from you, from within your spirit and essence, can come true. ~ love, eternally me.

    • Your words inspire me my dear friend. But then when failures and personal setbacks have fraught your life, the stupid emotional heart pens down these words as I have. But anyway, I am indeed inspired by your comment. Hope that one day I shall be be able to write with so much positivity and optimism as you do … Thanks a lot for your words …Cheers, Svk

  4. Reblogged this on yasniger and commented:
    Quite so beautifully written

  5. Nice bit of writing….
    Oh and Thanks for showing interest in what I put out too.
    I sincerely hope you continue to find my works entertaining & pleasurable.
    Be safe.

  6. thanks … and you’re welcome my friend … keep writing …

  7. This was breathtaking, in a good way!

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