She watched him being lowered down in the casket,

As he helplessly lay down, still as a stone;

With a cigar in his breast pocket and a bottle of rum by his side

These would be his only companions from now on,

Now that he’s gone!


That he had raised her was an understatement;

He was the best father in her eyes.

Catering to all her needs and showering her with love profound

He was always there, since her mother’s demise.

Oh! How much her heart cries!


She could feel an excruciating pain

Like a thousand knives rupturing her heart!

But tears betrayed her as she stood there entranced,

And they thought she was hiding it rather smart:-

Inside, she was torn apart!


She felt guilty as she wanted it to end!

The sickness did rob him off his life’s bliss.

The agonizing, never ending battle with the devil’s very own, cancer!

She hated seeing him wrench in pain that would never ease

Now, he rested in peace!


There in the casket, there was he, so serene, so calm,

He was at his handsome best, like every day!

And like always she felt that the blue tuxedo suited him the best.

One last dance with her on his feet … Alas! No way!

As he was away!


She kept on expecting that he would wake up.

Stroke his moustache and sport a beaming smile.

And she would run to him with all her heart and take refuge in his arms,

If only he could stay with her for a while

And walk another mile!


And then he was lost in the soil and mire.

Lost forever, much to her anguish as she sighed!

The wind blew as she poured in the last drops of earth on to him.

All chocked up, she uttered after an agonizing try:-

“Daddy … Goodbye!

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