She was their daughter … his sister … her friend!

She was in a bar, happy and contented. After all, the feeling that you get when you have your first salary is awesome, it’s like you-cannot-explain-in-words sort of a feeling! And it was the day, so she had every right to celebrate, why should she not?  And there she was drinking and having fun with her friend. Vodka on the rocks never tasted so heavenly! She was indeed happy!

After three, she took the fourth and vowed that this should be her last drink. Last thing she wanted was to pass out that night, as she was planning to have a night out to a friend’s place after she left from the bar. She spotted a bunch of guys ogling at her. Men will be men, she thought, especially after getting high!

She could not finish the drink as she had to pass water. She left her drink and took her friend along. She came back after sometime, a lot actually! How can a girl come out without applying make-up, doing her hair from washroom especially when she’s outside? It’s simple, she can’t. Well, time to finish the drink!

It was mere moments that she has gulped the last drops of her vodka, she felt very giddy. This was strange; she had never gone down after just four! Did she take more? No…she didn’t.  After sometime she couldn’t lift her head up, as if she was going under an unaesthetic. She tried to find her friend, but she was not there. And then she passed out.

It was like a painful nightmare. She was feeling a strange twinge and her entire world was shaking! She tried to scream, she couldn’t  But why? She couldn’t understand. That’s not easy when you’re not in your senses. … And she felt as if someone was hitting her! There were loud thuds echoing all around! The pain grew more and she felt that this was the end. And it all faded as she felt the strange warmth hugging her body. Hardly could she realize that she was bathed in her own blood.

She woke up in a hospital. Stabbing pains in her groin made her cry. Yes, it was too excruciating, as was the pain oozing out of her bruises that covered her legs arms and face! She moaned as doctors rushed to her. She fainted again, this time it was a heart attack, as sudden as it can be!

In case if you have not figured out the obvious, her drink was spiked. The men who drugged her picked her up, took her to their joint and gang-raped her with all the brutality that can be conceived of! Even by animals! She was torn, brutalized and tortured. Then when they were done she was trashed like garbage on the side of road. And that was it!

This is just another rape story, that you see every day in the newspaper and flip to the next page without even bothering to through the details. You breathe a hopeless sigh and forget in a wink of an eye, in the very next moment! You think in your mind that this is wrong and something needs to be done and you at the end of the day end up doing nothing. At least you could spare a thought taking time from your hectic busy schedule! What a freaking joke! You feel that, “Oh I am not like that! … These bastards need to be condemned!” and then the part of your social contribution is over. Done! You are so full of yourselves. You are bathed in your self-righteousness, adding to the social apathy that is already vogue. Don’t you feel you need to take a stand, come out and do something concrete. Punishing those guys is never a solution. Eradicating the thought from the minds of men, the thought of disrespecting a woman, from the face of this planet, yes that can be one. Rape is just an after affect that generates from a handful of social and moral degeneration. But it’s got to stop, if not you would keep on losing your daughters and sisters. For that you have to wake up. But what can make you wake up? Alas you don’t realize that the next day it could be your sister whose story you would read in the newspaper, victimized, brutalized and raped! You want to wait till that day???


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3 responses to “She was their daughter … his sister … her friend!

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  2. I wish this stops as soon as possible…they need to understand that we are not commodities .. we are just like them !!

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