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The Stride ……..

The waves whispered to me

As I gazed at the open sea;

Water swept over my feet

And my heart skipped a beat

As with a pained heart and a deep sigh

I revisited my whole life and bid goodbye

Once and for all to all of them

Whom I’ve tried to love but in vain!

I let my mind go astray!

The whole world was grey!

I wanted to get lost.

Let everything go for a toss.

The wind caressed my body

With lover’s bliss and rhapsody!

The distant ripples were just

Eloquent hand gestures that

Called me out and I took my step:-

The new story was taking shape!

As the world of the unknown beckoned

My wretched soul, tortured and troubled,

The cold water seeped chills in my bones

But unabashed I carried on and on.

I could hear a mystifying symphony

Echoing in my head in harmony,

So the waves whispered to me again,

This time it took away the fear and the pain,

I closed my eyes and saw the light

It was my rejuvenation sprouting out from my plight!

Let the wounds heal, let the twinge ease:-

I am the rider to eternal peace!

And then the moment arrived,

The water around me jived

To cover me up in its own merry way:-

As I surrendered myself in gay,

The world moved on, it was just another day,

Lost in the oblivion I faded away!


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Have you ever dared to hope?

That this earth would one day turn

Into a paradise, so beautiful

Life would be a spectacle in this heaven.


Have you ever dared to imagine?

That peace would be omnipresent;

No more innocent blood to shed,

No one to kill, no one to resent!


These hopes, these dreams

Embedded in my human heart

Make me strongly believe

As our world falls apart

From all the vile and the vices

That no matter what

Someday, goodness will have the last laugh

As afresh we would all start

And make this world a heaven…


Have you ever dared to dream?

That love would be the only religion

As people all across the world

Would share and care and unite as one.


Have you ever dared to envision?

That no one will die of hunger;

Riches will no longer be luxury of few:-

The curse of poverty won’t be there anymore!


These hopes, these dreams

Embedded in my human heart

Make me strongly believe

As our world falls apart

From all the vile and the vices

That no matter what

Someday, goodness will have the last laugh

As afresh we would all start

And make this world a heaven…


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Reality or Pessimism? … or maybe just a Simple Realization!

There are times when I close my eyes and think

Feels like I’m staring at my shadow without a blink.

Lost in its emptiness profound

As in my fears I get drowned!

All the thoughts that plague my inner self-

What have I done with my life … oh please tell!

Did I dare to dream or did my feet tremble

Or was I wrapped in my own world like a frog in the well!

Unaware of the truth that drives the world.

The truth that brave-hearts in their lives unfurl.

The truth that’s evergreen like a drop of dew:-

The one that says – chase your dreams till they come true!


In this life that never seemed to be of any good!

The violence that ravaged my dear childhood.

Setbacks were too many to stand on my two feet.

An agonizing lot I did try, I really did.

Nothing is good enough when the glory seems light years away!

The silent routine of trying hard and waiting for my day.

And as failure decayed the hopes of rejuvenation

The mind played games over this hopeless situation

Weakening me to the core as I fell on my face

Am I a loser, a no-good, a disgrace?

It was that moment when I couldn’t but rue

No matter how much you chase, some dreams don’t come true!


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Confessions of a Wounded Soul

Dreaded nightmares launch a scathing attack

On my subconscious craving dreams sweet!

There’s a lot of crash and burn around

Futile efforts to find peace, I can’t, not even a bit!


The clenching fists of depression

Bludgeon my senses with brutality profound,

Breaking the shackles seems impossible

In so much negativity I find myself drowned!


The failures of the past create a raging fire

Gutted emotionally, I am hopelessly fragile;

And I thought that my hopeful endeavors

Would keep me agile for an extra mile!


Baffled and bewildered, I plead to my creator.

That’s the only option left to me now.

The age old perception ingrained deep within the heart

That the ethereal savior would save me somehow!


Swimming up the dark depths of the abyss

That has engulfed my life to the fullest:-

Such a daunting proposition, as helpless I stand;

One last fight; I have to give my best.


The ruthless falls did break my back

But I refuse to die, I refuse to die!

A ray of hope, a hand of mercy …oh I so crave!

A brave-heart I’m not, but to hang on I’ll try!


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She watched him being lowered down in the casket,

As he helplessly lay down, still as a stone;

With a cigar in his breast pocket and a bottle of rum by his side

These would be his only companions from now on,

Now that he’s gone!


That he had raised her was an understatement;

He was the best father in her eyes.

Catering to all her needs and showering her with love profound

He was always there, since her mother’s demise.

Oh! How much her heart cries!


She could feel an excruciating pain

Like a thousand knives rupturing her heart!

But tears betrayed her as she stood there entranced,

And they thought she was hiding it rather smart:-

Inside, she was torn apart!


She felt guilty as she wanted it to end!

The sickness did rob him off his life’s bliss.

The agonizing, never ending battle with the devil’s very own, cancer!

She hated seeing him wrench in pain that would never ease

Now, he rested in peace!


There in the casket, there was he, so serene, so calm,

He was at his handsome best, like every day!

And like always she felt that the blue tuxedo suited him the best.

One last dance with her on his feet … Alas! No way!

As he was away!


She kept on expecting that he would wake up.

Stroke his moustache and sport a beaming smile.

And she would run to him with all her heart and take refuge in his arms,

If only he could stay with her for a while

And walk another mile!


And then he was lost in the soil and mire.

Lost forever, much to her anguish as she sighed!

The wind blew as she poured in the last drops of earth on to him.

All chocked up, she uttered after an agonizing try:-

“Daddy … Goodbye!

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Down but not out … Not yet … Not yet!

In the world of hollow deception

Getting hurt is the only option!

Hands clenched out of reach;

It’s the hostile land of the besieged,

So heartless, so violent

Their hatred is iridescent

Overshadowing the goodness

With which we were once blessed.

Alas! Our children are bred

Amidst calumny, amidst bloodshed!

How much more to get hurt?

How much more to be taken apart?

Still hopeless love lie in us embedded

As we look ahead, miles still left to be treaded.

Deep down inside the spirit’s not yet jaded,

In spite of the bloody tears that have been shed!

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She was their daughter … his sister … her friend!

She was in a bar, happy and contented. After all, the feeling that you get when you have your first salary is awesome, it’s like you-cannot-explain-in-words sort of a feeling! And it was the day, so she had every right to celebrate, why should she not?  And there she was drinking and having fun with her friend. Vodka on the rocks never tasted so heavenly! She was indeed happy!

After three, she took the fourth and vowed that this should be her last drink. Last thing she wanted was to pass out that night, as she was planning to have a night out to a friend’s place after she left from the bar. She spotted a bunch of guys ogling at her. Men will be men, she thought, especially after getting high!

She could not finish the drink as she had to pass water. She left her drink and took her friend along. She came back after sometime, a lot actually! How can a girl come out without applying make-up, doing her hair from washroom especially when she’s outside? It’s simple, she can’t. Well, time to finish the drink!

It was mere moments that she has gulped the last drops of her vodka, she felt very giddy. This was strange; she had never gone down after just four! Did she take more? No…she didn’t.  After sometime she couldn’t lift her head up, as if she was going under an unaesthetic. She tried to find her friend, but she was not there. And then she passed out.

It was like a painful nightmare. She was feeling a strange twinge and her entire world was shaking! She tried to scream, she couldn’t  But why? She couldn’t understand. That’s not easy when you’re not in your senses. … And she felt as if someone was hitting her! There were loud thuds echoing all around! The pain grew more and she felt that this was the end. And it all faded as she felt the strange warmth hugging her body. Hardly could she realize that she was bathed in her own blood.

She woke up in a hospital. Stabbing pains in her groin made her cry. Yes, it was too excruciating, as was the pain oozing out of her bruises that covered her legs arms and face! She moaned as doctors rushed to her. She fainted again, this time it was a heart attack, as sudden as it can be!

In case if you have not figured out the obvious, her drink was spiked. The men who drugged her picked her up, took her to their joint and gang-raped her with all the brutality that can be conceived of! Even by animals! She was torn, brutalized and tortured. Then when they were done she was trashed like garbage on the side of road. And that was it!

This is just another rape story, that you see every day in the newspaper and flip to the next page without even bothering to through the details. You breathe a hopeless sigh and forget in a wink of an eye, in the very next moment! You think in your mind that this is wrong and something needs to be done and you at the end of the day end up doing nothing. At least you could spare a thought taking time from your hectic busy schedule! What a freaking joke! You feel that, “Oh I am not like that! … These bastards need to be condemned!” and then the part of your social contribution is over. Done! You are so full of yourselves. You are bathed in your self-righteousness, adding to the social apathy that is already vogue. Don’t you feel you need to take a stand, come out and do something concrete. Punishing those guys is never a solution. Eradicating the thought from the minds of men, the thought of disrespecting a woman, from the face of this planet, yes that can be one. Rape is just an after affect that generates from a handful of social and moral degeneration. But it’s got to stop, if not you would keep on losing your daughters and sisters. For that you have to wake up. But what can make you wake up? Alas you don’t realize that the next day it could be your sister whose story you would read in the newspaper, victimized, brutalized and raped! You want to wait till that day???


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It’s not me whom you love, you’re unaware

And do you realize, huh! You don’t even care!

You’re obsessed with yourself, you’ll never know

That I’m filling up someone else’s shoes here.


I pretend to be the person you want, it’s not me.

I am the dummy you’ve always wanted me to be.

And you’re happy, it’s libelous yet true

As I move an inch closer to fall down on my knees!


Touch me with all your heart and you’ll know for sure.

You have to, you once loved me, the real me, isn’t that true?

Ah… but how is that possible, girl, as shut in myself, I rue:-

That you’ve indeed ceased to be the person whom I knew!


And we end up fighting for silly reasons.

I try but you fail to gauge my insinuations.

I cover up for you; I raise my hand

You take me for granted, no need of a confirmation!


Your hopeless gifts, your unfunny jokes

Lot of unwanted emotions in me they invoke

I try so hard to fit in and I hurt myself as I realize,

That the ship’s sinking; the water’s gushing in through the hole!


Touch me with all your heart and you’ll know for sure.

You have to, you once loved me, the real me, isn’t that true?

Ah… but how is that possible, girl, as shut in myself, I rue:-

That you’ve indeed ceased to be the person whom I knew!


Lying to myself, as I lie to you;

Whom am I running from, as I’m caught by my own shadow;

I’m losing you and I’m losing myself:-

Please do something; I know you can, can’t you?


But then you are lost in your own sweet world

And I was supposed to be in that too girl!

I’ve lost all hopes; now it’s all up to you

I bleed as I wait to see what tomorrow’s gonna unfurl.


Touch me with all your heart and you’ll know for sure.

You have to, you once loved me, the real me, isn’t that true?

Ah… but how is that possible, girl, as shut in myself, I rue:-

That you’ve indeed ceased to be the person whom I knew!


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Every detail of our subliminal perceptions

You take in, without bias, without prejudice.

Like a skilled craftsman you engage yourself,

Creating the colors that define a human being!


The goodness that defines the soul of the earth

Alongside the vile and muck that try to corrupt it

I bet you see it all and you judge it to perfection.

You give us victory, you give us defeat!


All the lengthy conversations and careless whispers

You’re privy to them all, aren’t you?

But you abstain from making your presence felt

That’s the indemnity of a blessed few!


In the strangest places known to manhood

You light up the light of life, divine

It always is as you sit back and let them take shape

And then they blossom, so beautiful, so pristine!


Incorporeal, the source of all moral obligations

You thrive in us, as we walk along the road: –

Time flies and the circle of life takes its course.

The overseer’s silently writing the code!


Never shall we see you, but in course of our journey

We shall feel you in every good deed;

We shall find you in the ones we love;

And we shall look up to you in times of need.


You are who you are … and so be it …so be it!

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Lady Love … Mystified Me! …&… The Insane Love Story!

My heart

Empty as it is

Craves a part of you

Solace has been long due!


And you

Create a ripple

In my mind, body and soul;

 Oh that sweet sensation, unreal, unfathomable!


That I

Miss you so much

Is the reason for my insatiableness!

One hug, one kiss and I’ll feel blessed!


So far

You’re so far away;

Wings, if only I had

I’d fly to you, am I going mad?


I bet you: –

The infinite depths

Of my love profound

Will make you feel that I’m always around.


 Hold me.

Bless me my love.

You’re the godly star that fell

Into my life, my precious, my divine angel!


You are

That blessing I so want.

I close my eyes, and there you are

Shining in my life like a thousand stars.


A dream?

Oh! You can’t be!

Am I on the other side?

 Hopelessly wanting to turn the tide?



That you’d come in a

Wink of an eye, oh my crazy heart!

Can’t believe you’re light years apart!


And again

I feel your love

Running in my veins;

 I am so alive, I’m ecstatic, immense!



The clock ticks on;

I’ll not die, I’ll not fade: –

I’ll hang on for the tryst of our fate!


Come to me.

As I await immersed

In your celestial magnificence;

You now hold the key to my existence!

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