What Have We Become

To have and to give

To reason and to live

To dance and to jive

To cherish and to thrive

For every other deed,

Money is what we need!

Not that we are greedy.

Classify us as needy.

Life by no means is easy

In a world dirty and sleazy!

From our heart’s deepest core

We want more, more and more.

Satisfaction is a big no:-

Why settle down at so low.

This is far from being over,

My God, we are not sober,

Inebriated by the splendour

Of money as we surrender

To our drive for more

Till we get riches galore.

In the rat race to the pinnacle

We somehow manage to tackle

Our other human emotions

Beliefs and good notions

Of a good life with good deeds

Nah…All these, who needs,

We have to acquire maximum-

An agonizingly hefty sum per annum!

For better it should be, we take vows,

From colleagues, friends and in-laws!

To stall is absolutely futile,

As ourselves we beguile

For wealth and riches,

Till by some way it touches

No less than the absolute brim

Of the maximum we can ever dream.

Can we not put us on hold?

And look right within our soul-

Does wealth and riches ensure?

Solace, peace or cure

The disease called greed

That has corrupted us indeed?

As we linger a while, reality

Hits us with utmost gravity!

We start on our quest again

How much more is there left to gain?

Alas! We don’t at all fathom:-

What have we really become!



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2 responses to “What Have We Become

  1. You have adeptly described the “Spiritual Blindness” of the ego. Great insight!!!!!

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