One simple looking, but agonizingly powerful word.


One word that can rein havoc in the minds of millions.


It’s really hard to gather that someone like me, a science-gurgling nut, who has questioned the very existence of nearly everything that’s around him, an atheist to the core, a seeing-and-then-believing obstinate never-to-trust sort of a person, is saying. But hey! Make no mistake about it, I am saying it.

You know, there were times when I felt being agnostic was fashion. I mean you start worshiping idols that are supposed to represent Gods and Goddesses and this you do simply because you were asked to do by your forefathers who were asked by theirs. How can you justify that? I certainly didn’t. It was like a tyranny of a belief that has established its supremacy beyond time immemorial. I felt that all of this started because an intelligent fellow in some remote history instilled in his fellow beings’ mind an idea that grew like an epidemic and soon before you know it, it started existing like thin air around you.

Believing is everything. God is everywhere – only if you have the heart to believe it.

Justification, scientific background, reality check…hello! Are you kidding me…can’t you understand the truth looming large. Profound truth that boils down to this:-

Belief is godliness and godliness is belief –the father of all mantra, a religious geek’s divine acceptance and mine, well, PARADOX.

See, you have to understand my perspective. Blind faith is heavenly when you accept blindly.

And for that my dear friend, you have to be, I’m afraid, blind. Come up with an excuse of being blind. Or start believing in Santa and hope Spider-man will rescue you when you are being robbed by armed goons. Atrocious, isn’t it?

All your life you have thought that there is someone above sitting there watching your every move, giving you happiness, your share of grief. All that is written in fate can’t be destroyed.

Maybe someone forgot to seal the deal with a theory or equation or an estimate.

So what – we are God’s children; biologically impossible, but we are. Nah… Focus on the universal truth fabricated over millenniums by saints and sadhus and intelligent psychopaths – Belief is godliness and godliness is belief.

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