This was my first attempt at a love letter … In a form of a poem as usual… Oh those sweet innocent days … Teenage puppy love … Pure and divine!

And it goes like:-


It’s so very simple, it’s so very clear-

My love for you is never ending my dear.

You seem so close to me, so very near;

Right in my heart, with a sober veneer

Of love and affection, that you have for me so sheer,

I feel blessed to have you with me my dear.

What rolls down my cheek now, is a drop of tear,

Thinking about something that I can never ever bear!

The thought of losing you evokes a deadly fear

And that is, my sweetheart my worst nightmare!


The innocence and warmth in these lines are priceless! aahh…


P.S. – That didn’t turn out to be the worst nightmare! Nevertheless …

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