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And Thou Shalt Have My Wrath!!

They thought that he was deplorable, hardly good enough;

Loser, by all means, he would never toughen up.

Showered him with foul words unheard of

Mercy they didn’t have, they were inconceivably rough

On him, as he was mistreated, bullied and tortured-

Stripped off his love, thrown into a world of discard;

A loveless abyss of hell, so dismal, so dark

And now they brand him as a loon, a freaking retard!


If you were one of them and you didn’t care,

You mocked him in disgrace, how could you dare!

Like a sadist, you derived guilty pleasure!

Alas! You couldn’t see your crime, its atrocity, beyond measure.

You bloodsuckers … you don’t have the right to judge!

Why are you so heartless, like you have a hidden grudge?

You are the dirt, you are the smudge!

Libelous to forgive you in life’s trudge!


And they branded her a slut and cast her out;

Insulted and abused, did what it takes to win the bout.

As though she’s a wicked witch they portrayed

Stooping down just too low to leave her humiliated!

With arrant insolence as if it’s their birth-right,

The self-proclaimed messiahs with arrogance and might,

Her innocence they raped as her tears went down the drain:-

And they pity her now that she’s a loon, a freak and an insane!


If you were one of them and you didn’t care,

You mocked her in disgrace, how could you dare!

Like a sadist, you derived guilty pleasure!

Alas! You couldn’t see your crime, its atrocity, beyond measure.

You bloodsuckers … you don’t have the right to judge!

Why are you so heartless, like you have a hidden grudge?

You are the dirt, you are the smudge!

Libelous to forgive you in life’s trudge!


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Nothing serious … Remembering a good guy

“Everything’s good” — these words remind me of a friend of mine. Someone who has never faced much adversities in his life, such has been God’s grace upon him and I hope it would remain like this for the rest of his life. Someone who sees goodness all around him and seems completely oblivious of all that’s bad around. Also he believes in those perfect love stories where the hero meets the heroine and they fall in love and end up living happily ever after. Although it sounds so cheesy and hopelessly romantic but that is how he is.I make so fun of him in front but deep down inside I cannot but wonder how much can he survive in this real world. If he gets heartbroken then how the hell would he react to it. I get scared. However when he actually landed up in love he suddenly started showing great interest and liking to my poetry. And the following lines which I had penned down years ago caught his attention and the romantic hero in him took control. “I will get down on my knees and recite these words in the most romantic way possible on her b’day”, he told me! No surprises, dude, as far as you are concerned!

When the morning shows its magnificence

And you fail to realise your true essence

Look deep into the inner self of yours

My love you’ll find there for sure.

The strength that’s there in very few,

The benevolence that defines the goodness in you;

And if you wonder all of this came from whom-

It is the one who rescued you from the world of doom.

Someone who genuinely believes in you-

Someone who’ll look into your eye and say – I love you!

“You should have scribbled down something yourself” I said.

“Doesn’t matter as long as the words you are speaking is true” … On hearing this I shook my head and did not take the conversation forward.

I attended their marriage earlier this year in case you’re wondering what happened after that.

I love him, I do but at times I hate his romanticism, his ignorance regarding all the violence hatred and injustice that’s happening around.His words that I’m fine when I am neck-deep in muck. The world’s not a heaven, my heart cries out and forces me to tell him the same right on his face. “You’ve been lucky. Nice parents, good life, good girlfriend, picture perfect career!”. I wonder how can all good things happen to him, how can he be bestowed with so much good fortune!”  But then I could never deny the fact that good things happen to good people if you believe! Maybe he has not yet seen the worst but then he is the one who will come out in flying colors out of the adverse situation once he faces it. For he believes in the goodness that lies around him … Maybe that is the secret after all.

And you are who you are and that’s why I look up to you,

No matter how much I hate to admit but I want to be like you

You are one of a kind, like you there are very few

Mr. Romantic, your positivity defines the goodness in you

But then the poem you recited … it was mine you *****! It was mine! (As if you denied that 😛 )


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What Have We Become

To have and to give

To reason and to live

To dance and to jive

To cherish and to thrive

For every other deed,

Money is what we need!

Not that we are greedy.

Classify us as needy.

Life by no means is easy

In a world dirty and sleazy!

From our heart’s deepest core

We want more, more and more.

Satisfaction is a big no:-

Why settle down at so low.

This is far from being over,

My God, we are not sober,

Inebriated by the splendour

Of money as we surrender

To our drive for more

Till we get riches galore.

In the rat race to the pinnacle

We somehow manage to tackle

Our other human emotions

Beliefs and good notions

Of a good life with good deeds

Nah…All these, who needs,

We have to acquire maximum-

An agonizingly hefty sum per annum!

For better it should be, we take vows,

From colleagues, friends and in-laws!

To stall is absolutely futile,

As ourselves we beguile

For wealth and riches,

Till by some way it touches

No less than the absolute brim

Of the maximum we can ever dream.

Can we not put us on hold?

And look right within our soul-

Does wealth and riches ensure?

Solace, peace or cure

The disease called greed

That has corrupted us indeed?

As we linger a while, reality

Hits us with utmost gravity!

We start on our quest again

How much more is there left to gain?

Alas! We don’t at all fathom:-

What have we really become!


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One simple looking, but agonizingly powerful word.


One word that can rein havoc in the minds of millions.


It’s really hard to gather that someone like me, a science-gurgling nut, who has questioned the very existence of nearly everything that’s around him, an atheist to the core, a seeing-and-then-believing obstinate never-to-trust sort of a person, is saying. But hey! Make no mistake about it, I am saying it.

You know, there were times when I felt being agnostic was fashion. I mean you start worshiping idols that are supposed to represent Gods and Goddesses and this you do simply because you were asked to do by your forefathers who were asked by theirs. How can you justify that? I certainly didn’t. It was like a tyranny of a belief that has established its supremacy beyond time immemorial. I felt that all of this started because an intelligent fellow in some remote history instilled in his fellow beings’ mind an idea that grew like an epidemic and soon before you know it, it started existing like thin air around you.

Believing is everything. God is everywhere – only if you have the heart to believe it.

Justification, scientific background, reality check…hello! Are you kidding me…can’t you understand the truth looming large. Profound truth that boils down to this:-

Belief is godliness and godliness is belief –the father of all mantra, a religious geek’s divine acceptance and mine, well, PARADOX.

See, you have to understand my perspective. Blind faith is heavenly when you accept blindly.

And for that my dear friend, you have to be, I’m afraid, blind. Come up with an excuse of being blind. Or start believing in Santa and hope Spider-man will rescue you when you are being robbed by armed goons. Atrocious, isn’t it?

All your life you have thought that there is someone above sitting there watching your every move, giving you happiness, your share of grief. All that is written in fate can’t be destroyed.

Maybe someone forgot to seal the deal with a theory or equation or an estimate.

So what – we are God’s children; biologically impossible, but we are. Nah… Focus on the universal truth fabricated over millenniums by saints and sadhus and intelligent psychopaths – Belief is godliness and godliness is belief.

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This was my first attempt at a love letter … In a form of a poem as usual… Oh those sweet innocent days … Teenage puppy love … Pure and divine!

And it goes like:-


It’s so very simple, it’s so very clear-

My love for you is never ending my dear.

You seem so close to me, so very near;

Right in my heart, with a sober veneer

Of love and affection, that you have for me so sheer,

I feel blessed to have you with me my dear.

What rolls down my cheek now, is a drop of tear,

Thinking about something that I can never ever bear!

The thought of losing you evokes a deadly fear

And that is, my sweetheart my worst nightmare!


The innocence and warmth in these lines are priceless! aahh…


P.S. – That didn’t turn out to be the worst nightmare! Nevertheless …

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Emotional Fool

A look at myself in the mirror, a silent stare at the wall

Evokes many unwanted emotions, oh! Am I taking the fall?

Getting lost for hours has become a regular habit!

The harsh reality is that I am extremely good at it!

No matter how much I try, how much ever I fight

Can’t really let go of your memories which I hold so tight

Around my insane heart, bloodied to the core

As to my great dissent I keep falling more and more

In love with you, the feeling makes my head go crazy

Trying so damn hard to hold on to your image, so hazy

‘Coz it has been so long since you had bid goodbye

After you cut me up and stabbed me for another guy!

Time moves on like it should but I stand right there

Rooted to the spot, gripped with pain and fear;

I cry and I bleed for it’s time for me to move on;

No! I’m no brave-heart and I can’t just get it done!

How can you forget the one who’s conjoined to your every memory?

The very thought of this takes the breath out of me!

No one can fathom the level of hatred that I have for you!

No one will ever understand the love beneath that as I rue!

I wanted to love you and thought that in your heart I’ll rule

Like an epic love story, but I ended up being an emotional fool.

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