A Realization … as I time travel to my childhood only to find a Gem!!!

At times children unknowingly speak or do things that surpass even the wisdom of an intelligent adult. Their sheer innocence dazzles even the wisest. The purity and the sincerity of their actions make us wonder why we can’t be like them. There is no sense of fear, no sense of insecurity. Amazing isn’t it that they will slowly lose them in their journey of growing up. Only a few will sustain; the lone survivors! The heroes of our otherwise ‘normal’ society! – but that is not related to the an experience that I’m going to share.

It’s just that I’ve come across few self-composed lines that fetched me few pats on my back when I used to be a kid. At that point of time it seemed as the best thing that I could have ever written. Slowly I started feeling that midst the complex words that I have deliberately used, it was really simple (alas! I was a teenager, yet to fathom that simplicity is divine!), childlike in actuality and it seemed to be a big blotch in my so called radical, trying-too-hard-to-grow-up, no-way-in-hell-I’m-a-kid-anymore mindset. Just so not in vogue, you loser, my inner self would shout! Let me pen down those words:-

I want to be a traveler

Journeying around the world;

And discern with my own eyes

What nature has to unfurl.

I should like to rise and go

Where golden apples adorn lush green trees

Where red roses cover the meadows

On a remote island, across deep blue seas!


I want to be a traveler

Destined for places, where mountains, great,

Have their peaks snow-capped

Touching the fulgent firmament!

Where cuckoos and nightingales sing in chorus

On a morning, bright and sunny-

Where people of various casts and creed

Live together in peace and harmony!

Never really cared about this writing to be very honest, apart from the time that I’ve had penned it down. I had forgotten only that something of this sort existed. At times clearing stuffs from unused lockers unearth golden treasures now that I stare at those two lines right at the end trying to imagine with what simplicity and sincerity I have written them. Don’t remember what emotions I had felt while doing so.  Maybe my young mind could not fathom any further experiences with regards to travelling, maybe people living in peace and harmony was something I craved to see or maybe something else. Oh! How I wish now I could really be a traveler  I feel like going back and telling that growing up teenage kid that whatever that he tried to portray through that poem would have been so cool if only it would have materialized in reality! If only;

But one thing is for sure. I did not write something so profound yet so simple embellished with so much innocence in my life. Will I ever be able to? I wonder …


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5 responses to “A Realization … as I time travel to my childhood only to find a Gem!!!

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  4. U reminded me of some silly poems written by me in my childhood as well…yes !! We were innocent and carefree enough then to share our fantasies, which we think are never gonna be possible now anyway…bt don’t we cherish those secretly desired wishes still in mind ? I do..i still belive to visit a candyland ..to play with angels..to ride the moon..and i think we all have that child still within us…just that the child is scared to evolve and adjusted to the practical evolution !!

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