Words came out all in one gush!

Oh how could I stop, I was in a rush!

I never knew I could be so spontaneous.

But never have I seen someone so gorgeous.

And I completely lost it for that time being

Contento my heart was . . . and oh did it not sing!

I was so agonizingly full of your praise-

Your eyes your beauty and your solemn grace;

It was audacious not get mesmerized-

You heart-stopper; you angel-eyed;


Time stood still as entranced I was

And my heart surrendered with a sweet applause

Of your beauty and divine magnificence!

Motionless body of mine could hardly sense!

That all my words betraying my feelings

Were perhaps mere frivolous things

To you but that hardly mattered as I,

Enjoyed that solitary moment in my

Otherwise dismal life and out my heart cried –

“You heart-stopper; you angel-eyed”


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2 responses to “Angel-Eyed

  1. Fantastic post. Must be bookmarked:)

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