A random experience … that meant a lot!

At times you create something and you hardly realize at that juncture what that truly means. I did also not know the amount of raw truth the following lines portray until and unless I felt them through my life. I looked at these words after a very inexplicably excruciating phase of my life and got that helping hand that I was madly in search of, not consciously though.

I chanted the lines again and again and again just to realize that they have become a part of my subconscious and I am ready to stand up and face the world.  And they go like:-


This was what it was meant to be.

Let moments of sadness turn to glee.

Starting afresh is not that easy;

But I’ll try and succeed maybe.


Hardly words of inspiration or infusing moral courage, don’t you think. Few simple words desperately mapped together in synchronization along with some decent effort to ensure that the lines rhyme – yes, agreed. It’s true. But sometimes you find hope and belief in places where you least expect. Sometimes few simple things make a big difference. How come 4 simple lines that I had randomly penned down in a matter of minutes ended up being the mantra behind my getting back to my feet? Inexplicable to me let alone for the others. But then, can’t ignore the profound influence these words have had in my current phase of life, can I?

Note:-You never know something worthwhile that you do in your life, which does not mean that much can at times mean a lot you and inspire you later when you revisit them via your memories, or your actions.


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2 responses to “A random experience … that meant a lot!

  1. This is funnily enough just the thing I’ve been searching for! Fantastic and thank you!

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