Yes … She has moved on!

Maybe the towers of diligence really fell down.

Maybe there weren’t any jewels left in her crown.

How can she be angry and pretend not to frown?

All the feelings bubbling up, how can they just drown!


Did anybody understand she has had enough?

Did anybody sympathize when times were rough?

Peace seemed a farce, happiness a bluff-

Down and out she was, but she toughened up.-


It takes an agonizing lot for a woman to move on-

Why didn’t one bet on that when she couldn’t just hang on?

How much can you bleed when life pricks you like a thorn?

It’s like an everlasting night while you’re waiting for the dawn!


Tremendous was her courage, tremendously insane!

Oh! How much has she loved and cared but in vain!

A mountain she climbed and what did she gain-

Self-esteem and a lot of heart though teardrops did rain.

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